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How It Works

Set Up Your Brand

Your brand is what represents you. Create your easy to read reports that include your contact information, logo, broker, achievements, credentials, and general bio.

Import A Property From The MLS

From the Realterra dashboard, click on "Add Property" and copy the MLS number into the field and click "Import". You may also enter the property details manually including as much information as you can.

Analyze Your Chosen Properties

After adding a few properties, you will want to analyze them as potential investment options for your clients. Realterra makes it easy to perform a Cash-On-Cash analysis or a Buy & Flip analysis which can be marketed to investors.

Review Your Analysis

Your analysis will provide you with an estimated return on investment, net profit, and other key values. Graphs are included to illustrate how the investment could perform from start to finish.

Generate A Report

Generating a report that shows the analysis of one or more properties is great for showing clients the best property to invest in, or market your listing as an investment opportunity.

Review Your Report

You will want to review the generated report to make sure everything is correct and accurate. Once you are satisfied, you can download a PDF to print or email for your client.

Say goodbye to outdated spreadsheets, and say hello to Realterra.

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Realterra gives you the tools you need to accurately analyze different types of investments and financing options.


Investment Analysis

Create numerous types of investment analysis including Cash-On-Cash, Buy and Flip, and Hard Money/Private Money, which are all highly accurate and easy to read.


MLS Integration

Realterra offers MLS Integration so that you can quickly and easily stay in sync with the status of a property.


Customizable Reports

We offer attractive, professional reports to help build your brand and market yourself as an investment realtor.



Quickly view comps to see what similar properties sold for in the last year and see the monthly rent of other properties in the area.


User Friendly Interface

Easy to use and intuitive interface for users of all levels.


Guided Approach

We make investment analysis simple with step-by-step guides that will assist and educate.